15-Day Striking Wall Clock 1
15-Day Striking Wall Clock

15-Day Striking Wall Clock


This striking 15-Day striking wall clock was made in the 1960’s and is a rare vintage Chinese timepiece. The two-tone wood used to manufacture this clock makes it very appealing to the eyes. This wall clock also has a large silver dial that is protected by convex glass. Another unique feature of this timepiece would be the delicate patterns that are engraved on to the glass at the bottom of the case. The clock case has the ability to open and close.

  • Delicate patterns
  • Large dial
  • Convex glass
  • Two-tone wood
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This Chinese vintage timepiece was created in the 1960s and is an attractive as well as rare piece. The wood used to make it is irresistible to the eyes, and the two-tone finish on it adds to its appeal. This clock features a large, convex glass protecting the silver dial, as well as intricate patterns engraved on the glass at the bottom of the case. The case of the wall clock itself can be opened and closed.

The best feature of this wall clock is that it can be hung anywhere in your home. The small size of this wall clock combined with the simplistic design makes this the perfect timepiece for an empty wall, as it will add personality to any room. For example, this can be hung above a fireplace, next to a mirror or even hung as part of an antique wall clock collection.

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Dimensions 27 × 48 cm