Matthew Norman Carriage Clock
8-Day Carriage Clock by Matthew Norman Of London

8-Day Carriage Clock by Matthew Norman Of London


The best quality condition clock, this excellent condition traditional English Carriage Clock had been created by Matthew Norman in the 1980’s, and is not considered to be an older vintage piece but rather a vintage style clock, which has been kept in superb condition for the past 30 years.

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Matthew Norman Carriage Clock

The Design

As you can tell from the fantastic quality of the carriage clock, this Swiss & English designed carriage clock showcases nothing but luxury, with it’s 8 Day movement completely intact and the clean white dial as if it were made yesterday. It is believed to have been handcrafted in the 1980’s and is stamped professionally with ‘Matthew Norman of London’s’ signature stamp.

It is made with Gilt & Ormolu and follows a traditional style of bevelled glass sides & ceiling panels, showcasing the inner mechanics of the swiss style clock.

It also includes the white dial with Roman numerals and blued steel hands. All in all the design of this simple carriage clock resembles those that were produced in the early 1800s & 1900s, and is an excellent contribution to any collectors pieces.


The History of Matthew Norman Clocks. 

Established in the 19th Century, Matthew Norman showcases a wide variety of clocks. His particular fascination with Carriage Clocks stemmed from the tales of Napoleon and the army using the carriage clocks throughout the army. Since then, Matthew Norman has continued to inspire and create a wide range of alternative designs, showcasing symbolism and uniqueness in each piece.

Each recent piece is described as ‘unexpected’ or ‘rare’ due to it’s unusual structure.

How To Clean A Carriage Clock

To clean an antique carriage clock, you must be patient, take your time, and have some skill. Don’t just dunk it in hot water and then air dry it; you must be patient, taking apart the important parts. You should begin by removing the glass from the clock face. You should use a gentle cleaner coupled with a microfibre cloth. The inner workings may be a bit more tricky to clean.


How Much Is A Carriage Clock Worth?

The value of an antique carriage clock may be difficult to determine, especially if the item is unique. However, more often than not, the professional antique collector will ask a series of questions in order to determine its worth.


  1. When was the antique clock made?
  2. What is the historical story behind the clock?
  3. How good or bad is the quality of the antique carriage clock?


Before making a decision on whether or not to purchase an antique, collectors and dealers usually seek to understand the item’s value. You can learn more about how to value antiques in our complimentary antique valuation guide.


Where Can I Buy An Antique Carriage Clock?

You can find quality antique carriage clocks in good condition at Vintage Clocks. We offer French carriage clocks, Glit brass carriage clocks, English carriage clocks and Oak carriage clocks from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. We price our clocks carefully, taking into account all the details, including chime features, casings and decorative handles.