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Antique Slate Mantel Clock

Antique Slate Mantel Clock


A timeless clock that is as functional as it is beautiful. The antique mantel clock has a marble finish with an 8 day spring driven movement and a unique design on the slate material. This product would be perfect for those who are looking to add a bit of charm to their home or office space!

  • Fine Antique Clock
  • 8-Day Spring Driven Movement
  • Circa 1890
  • Original Working Order
  • Condition: Good
  • 25cm x 27cm


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This beautiful vintage clock originates from the 19th Century and comes in good working original condition as a striking 8-day mantel clock. This is an one-of-a-kind antique that would make a great addition to any home. The antique slate mantel clock is a timeless classic made of polish slate marble with clean white dial which is signed. The dial is protected via bevelled glass and brass bezel with marble inlay flanking the dial to each corner and original gilt decoration.

At the centre of the clock is its cream face, painted with traditional Roman numerals. This beautiful antique mantel clock has stood the test of time with it’s clean lines. The front of this antique mantel clock has no visible damages and only began showing age at the base of the clock, which is perfect for a collector or clock valuation. The overall design is balanced beautifully against the dark slate background. The dark stones on the rim of the clock complement its rouge-and-almost-pink marble stones, giving each object a sense of balance without one overpowering the other.

Slate is a natural material that has been used for many purposes, but perhaps most famously for antique pieces. Slate was discovered first in Northern America in 1734, along the borders of Pennsylvania, it has long been used for famous antique pieces with the most popular slate antiques being clocks, tables and furniture such as drawers and gauntlets. Slate is one of the most stable types of stone available on the market today with its hardness equating to quartz. The durability and beauty of this exquisite material makes it a favourite among collectors. Slate was also used in ancient Greece and Rome to create mosaics and murals.

Our fantastic range of antique clocks would not be complete without the addition of our slate and marble ranges, we take extra precaution with delivery to ensure that no damages occur upon transport and will wrap and package your antique piece to the highest quality. We offer national free delivery and guarantee fast shipment every time!


H0w Do You Know If An Old Clock Is Valuable?

Valuing a clock can be tricky, often you’ll require expert advice to be able to understand the true value and worth of a vintage or antique clock. In many cases it has everything to do with when, where and by who the clock was made. It also largely depends on the clocks current conditions, whether it has all it’s original parts, and of course whether or not it still works.

Taking your clock to be valued by a professional can be an extremely helpful thing to do if you’re looking to sell your antiques, but remember to get between 1 -3 opinions as often antique dealers may have a pre-disposed bias to certain styles, makers or even eras and it’s important to know exactly how much your antique is worth.

What is the difference between vintage & antiques?

Antiques are older items, generally having some value, and increasing value with age. Whereas vintage items are still relatively old, however are typically younger than the last 100 years.