French Antique Clock With Case
French 8-Day Carriage Clock Classic With Outer Leather Case

French 8-Day Carriage Clock Classic With Outer Leather Case


A true piece of history, this engraved antique vintage French carriage clock, comes accompanied by it’s original leather casing. With it’s traditional design, this charming antique carriage clock includes the traditional bevelled glass windows, which allow for interior glance at the mechanisms and the cogs, it is also a rare find due to it’s unusually arched top and rounded curved ceiling.

  • Dated from the 19th Century (Circa 1900’s)
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  • French Heritage
  • Unusual and rare design
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Antique French Clock With Case

The Design

This classic sized 8 Day Carriage clock follows the traditional French design, with a slight twist. It’s curved top is engraved, and showing it’s signs of age. It offers an engraving as being a gift, however this simply only adds to the history of the piece.

It’s enamel face is painted with Roman numerals, followed by its internal mechanisms which are seen through the bevelled glass.

It’s vintage carrier is still in sound condition and is largely responsibly for the reason the carriage clock is in such fine condition and quality today.

Measures 14.5cm high by 8cm wide & 6cm deep dial is 5.5cm in diameter

The History

The clock is accompanied with it’s leather casing carrier, this is due to the carriage clock being known for transportation, and whilst it was a gifted piece most traditional carriage clocks came with a carrier or holder of some sorts, however, in today’s day and age, it’s very unlikely that all carriers are still used, as most clock owners will not carry their carriage clock with them, but use them as ornaments at home.

This particular carriage clock is believed to have been created in the early 1900’s, and was shortly after gifted, we can tell this from the engraved roof of the clock.

How To Adjust The Speed Of A Carriage Clock

You should be able to identify the letters ‘S’ and ‘F’ on the back plate of a modern carriage clock or see them on the platform escapement. To make the clock go faster, simply turn the steel lever to ‘F’. However, on some vintage carriage clocks, the letters ‘F’ and ‘S’ will be replaced with ‘A’ and ‘R’ to indicate ‘R’ is slower and ‘A’ is faster.


How To Research Antiques Online

It’s crucial to seek out antiques that are genuine and trustworthy online. When you can see photos of the item and read detailed explanations, you’ll be able to be certain that you’re purchasing the real thing.


What Are Carriage Clocks Made Of?

Carriage clocks have diversified over time from wooden clocks, as a result of the early 18th century’s changes, we now see a variety of different carriage clocks made from different materials. The clock’s material may be brass, sterling silver, oak, mahogany or ormolu.