Silver Carriage Clock
Large French 8-Day Repeat Carriage Clock With Silver Dial

Large French 8-Day Repeat Carriage Clock With Silver Dial


An excellent example of a French Carriage Mantel Clock, this clock is in excellent condition an offers both an Ormolu finish, alongside it’s silver dial mechanisms. Within the bevelled glass of this clock, we can see it’s original gong striking movement and the original lever escapement which makes this piece truly fantastic.

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Silver Carriage Clock

This clock is considered to be a ‘rare find’ this is due to it’s excellent condition, and lack of age. The clock has been kept and maintained for many years (est.1880). It comes with a fine enamel & silver masked design and offers bevelled glass insight to the inner mechanics of the machine.

The Clock Design

This is known as a Large French Carriage Clock, it is crafted with beautiful Ormolu, which is known as a bronze glint, which is most common in French antiques, it is used to offer a bronze effect on antique furniture and was a popular design for luxury home decorations during the 18th & 19th century. Most commonly Ormolu was used on ornaments, clocks and picture frames.

This particular large carriage clock offers a silver casing interior, to which the roman & Arabic numerals are displayed on top of. This clock has been carefully cleaned, polished and serviced in order to maintain it’s excellent quality.

It is clear that the design of this antique vintage carriage clock was well planned, you can tell this by it’s intricate and detailed handles, which are often simple in design, they have been carefully crafted to offer another luxurious design style.

Measures 20cm high with handle up by 11cm wide & 9.5cm deep dial is 7.5cm in diameter


The Clock History

The most common French vintage clocks are dated within the 1800s, this particular is believed to be dated somewhere within the early 1880’s. It has been maintained in high quality excellent condition for several years, and is regularly oiled, serviced and cleaned. Like most carriage clocks this is spring driven and designed for travelling, or what’s known as ‘officer clocks’. However, this clock is believed to have been made as  more of a home antique and ornament, due to it’s large size and weight.

Carriage clocks have been popular clock maker designs since the early 1880s after Abraham Louis Breguet first invented the style, many English & French makers have followed suit by offering small compact travel sized clocks, designed for workmen on trains, or in the military. By the mid 1880’s carriage clocks were one of the most popular clock styles to own, and were often given as gifts within the work-place.

It is believed that one of the most sought after traits of a carriage clock is it’s sound, as most carriage clocks resemble a similar style and look, the sound is a key motivator for collectors, which is why this particular clock is considered to be a fantastic find, due it’s gong striking mechanism.