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Clock Repairs Gloucester

Antique Clock Repair, Servicing & Restoration

Vintage Clocks has been restoring, repairing and servicing clocks since 1998. We use all the latest industry techniques, we try and save any clock no matter how dirty or how rusty. Please just get in touch its important we look after and restore these clocks not only as they valuable and collectable but they are a part of history and we need to keep them running for future generations to enjoy.


Gloucester Clock Repair Specialists

Clock servicing and repair at Vintage Clocks. We recommend any mechanical clock has a full service every 5 to 7 years. We offer a collection and delivery service we are happy to set up for you but we do recommend you do that yourself as its good to learn. We service every type mechanical clock and watch the prices are very competitive as I love to repair and restore clocks and its not the main part of my business so I can do it cheaper than others in the area.

We took in a longcase clock that had been in our customers shed for 30 years. The Longcase clock belonged to his grandfather they mentioned to me the condition but I was still happy to take the restoration on. This longcase movement was the worst I have ever seen just take a look at the images below from start to finish, this movement only cost £460 to be restored as no parts were needed to be made.