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Vintage Clocks owner James is a member of British Watch and Clock Makers Guild and the British Horological Institute, Vintage Clocks are one of the most interesting and varied clock specialists in the UK. We have three key locations in Gloucestershire. In the well-stocked showrooms there is a good representation of all types of Antique clocks. You will find longcase clocks, wall clocks, bracket clocks, carriage clocks, mantel clocks & watches and much more… We are fully qualified horologists, we repair and service all types of clocks in out Cotswold workshops, please get in contact today.

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Supplying beautiful antique clocks and watches since 2003, you will find the perfect vintage wall clock, antique cuckoo clocks and all other collectible clocks with vintage clocks.  We also offer a full clock repair & restoration service just email for help.

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"UK to California"

Absolutely beautiful clock. Great service, and very quick shipping from the UK to California. Thank you so much!

Shane Hopkins
Customer, USA
"Own a piece of history"

The clock is really beautiful and looks wonderful on my mantle. It came very quickly and was so well packaged and protected. I’m thrilled to own a piece of history and a piece of art. Thank you for your care and love of “time”.

Ivona Comba

How To Sell Antiques?

Looking to start selling online? Explore the tips and advice from experienced antique dealers & expert buyers on how to turn a profit and trade antiques in 2024.
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Over the years we have restored 100’s of clocks, clock restoration is a important skill we need to preserve these clocks they are a important they are a part of history and need be loved for future generations to enjoy.

Whether you’re looking for clock service or repair, or to purchase classic antique clocks such as the brass mantle clock, a fine vienna wall clock, antique grandfather clock or even the antique Georgian clock. We guarantee that vintage clocks will have the perfect type of clock for you. 

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Antique Clocks

Searching for the perfect  clock? Look no further here at Vintage Clocks we a have a huge range of fantastic clocks. Wonderful French ormolu mantel clock or maybe a fine English Georgian grandfather clock, looking for something smaller how about a nice French carriage clock.

Vintage Watches

Searching for the perfect pocket watch or that special wristwatch? Asides from specialising in the antique cuckoo clocks, decorative table clocks and French mantel clocks we sell fine watches, each unique and offering the best fashioned designs.

Ebel Gold Watch
Vintage Rolex Tudor Gents Watch
19th Century Ornate Carriage Clock

Carriage Clocks

For the perfect carriage clock, ranging from the late 18th century, 19th century and 20th century, view our full collection of brass cased and detailed design antique pieces. 

Vintage Clocks Q&A's

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There are a number of antique wall clock styles such as popular Vienna regulator wall clock and American wall clock pieces that are popular with vintage furniture collectors. 

We currently stock a wide range of stylish clocks such as our impressive French carved cartel wall clock, which comes with an 8 day movement process, dating back to the 19th century

 Another timeless piece we stock are our retro and iconic English Smiths clock, which is a more affordable antique piece. 

For more info on our quality wall clocks and other antique clocks for sale, check out our wall clock range.

Antique clock prices vary depending on the piece, the date and the maker. There isn’t a one price fits all guide to antiques, and often the prices can vary depending on the valuer and their personal preference.

However a typical rule of thumb when selling and buying antiques is to uncover any history of the clock, when it was created, the manufacturer and the purpose, this can help give some insight into the clocks heritage.

The most expensive vintage clocks for sale can cost upwards of £100,000 for some unique and sought after pieces, however vintage clocks dating over 20+ years can begin pricing at £150. If it is an exclusive clock then this will also influence the price.

Yes… and no. 

If the clock is produced by a well known manufacturer, in a certain style or crafted from certain materials, the clock is already valuable from the moment of it’s creation. Ageing this valuable clock in a well preserved manner for a number of years can significantly add value to the clock, however, if there was no pre-existing value it’s likely the clock would not have been considered ‘valuable or an antique’. 

For example, if you bought a clock tomorrow from Tesco, the likelihood of that clock being valuable in 20 years time is very slim, however if you bought a clock tomorrow from an up -and-coming clock maker, the likelihood is that clock will grow in value with time

However, in order for the clock to maintain value, it has to maintain quality condition, a broken or damaged clock, will not be considered valuable, despite it’s manufacturer. 

There are a number of larger items that are considered sought after by antique dealers and collectors. 

Typically auction houses will focus on vintage antiques such as large cabinets, chairs and desks.

Some of the most expensive pieces of antique furniture ever sold at auctions overpass the $30 million. 

At vintage Clocks, we sell a wide variety of clocks, here are some of our most popular styles:

  • Bracket Clocks
  • Wall Clocks
  • Antique Mantel Clock 
  • Wall Clocks
  • Fusee Brass Clock 
  • French Clock 
  • Longcase Clocks

Our trained professionals guarantee high quality antique clocks at every sale. Prior to purchase we value and examine our clocks to ensure our customers get the best value for money. We offer full history of our known antiques and if no history is present conduct an examination and search to provide details of manufacturer date and value prior ton purchase.