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Carriage Clocks

Explore our wide range of beautiful antique carriage clock pieces, with decorative mantel clocks from the 19th century and 20th century. Explore our quartz movements, with some of the finest designs including brass cased carriage clock pieces, English carriage clocks, Gilt brass carriage clock designs and French movement pieces

At Vintage Clocks we consider ourselves to be experts in the average selling price of beautiful clocks, that’s why we carefully price our pieces considering all design details such as the decorative handle, chime feature, casing and additional features.

Popular Antique Carriage Clocks

Price & Value

Antique Carriage Clocks

Trying to determine the value of your carriage clock can be tricky, but there are key elements to look out for.

Most antique carriage clocks value ranges from £100 upwards, with the most expensive carriage clocks valuing at almost £20,000.

There are many factors that affect the value of a carriage clock, including the age of the clock, its condition, the clock maker and its style.


Great words, from our great customers. 

A beautiful clock, superbly packaged, that now sits with pride of place on our Victorian mantle piece. Many thanks!

Clock arrived quickly and packed well for shipment. Wound up and worked instantly. Gorgeous clock and lovely piece of history. Has fantastic ticking sound. Thank you!

This clock is absolutely beautiful and it arrived packaged well and fully protected. Adam has been very patient with us asking all sorts of questions and he has been quick to respond. We are very happy with this mantle clock and with the great service!

Carriage Mantel Clocks

The perfect way to decorate your mantel piece, windowsill or table is with a traditional design carriage clock. You can find a wide range of mantel clocks & carriage clocks available with Vintage Clocks. Shop our varied brands and styles from classical glass & metal mantel clock range,  wooden styles, arched mantel clock pieces and brass carriage clocks. 

Mechanical Carriage Clocks

Our antique & vintage clocks all run off a mechanical movement basis. Mechanical clocks are a sign of good quality clock movement. Unlike digital clocks, your vintage clock will require an annual service to maintain its condition and clock mechanisms.

We have a range of movement types from the classic 8-day mechanical mantel clock style popular in French Clocks, or the 14-day mechanical mantel clock options which are slightly more expensive. 

Typically mechanical carriage clocks will be wound every  8 days, to prevent the carriage clock from coming to a complete stop, re-wind on the 7th day

New Carriage Clocks For Sale

Explore our new in & latest carriage clocks.

We stock a wide variety of styles from miniature carriage clocks, large antique clocks, mechanical carriage clocks & French carriage clocks. We update our stock regularly as we source the latest antique finds, value them and update our inventory on the website straight away. 

If you’re looking for a particular clock model, make or era, then feel free to reach out to the vintage clocks team and we’ll be sure to help in any way.

Carriage Clock Information

Depending on what brand, clock maker and style you’re hoping to find Carriage Clocks prices can vary between £40 for simple design and £40,000 for vintage, antique and collectible pieces. With the average cost of a carriage clock being £900.

A carriage clock is usually a small-medium sized clock designed for traveling purposes, they’re first believed to have made an appearance in the 19th century in France. Most common carriage clocks are brass or golden with intricate detailed hands and faces. 

Dating back to 1978 it is believed that Abraham Louis Breget created the first carriage clock. They were originally created for military campaigns and battles. 

A famous clock-maker known for exceptional clock work would be Howard Miller, who produced wooden carriage clocks with brass interior and handles. However now you can find very popular golden carriage clocks from John Lewis & F.Hinds at considerably low prices. 

Once a week, carriage clocks will need to be wind, most carriage clocks have a complex internal movement structure and therefore have 8 day movement as standard. 

If you have an antique or vintage carriage clock, there are a few things you can do to check if it’s valuable, start by looking for an engraving, patent or name. If you’re unable to find any information regarding the maker, taking it to an appraiser would be the best thing to do.