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Find your favourite style of antique and vintage clocks for sale. 

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Antique Wall Clocks For Sale

Here at Vintage Clocks we focus on providing a wide variety of antique collectible clock pieces, whether you’re looking to simply decorate your home with a valuable 19th century clock piece, or whether you’re an antique collector searching for the next antique grandfather clocks to add to your collection. 

We offer a detailed description and history of each of our sold clocks. You’ll be given a history and origin of the clock, the knowledge of it’s internal mechanism and in some cases the make or brand name.

We take time to fully research our antiques before purchasing, offering only the best quality antique pieces, all of our clocks are categorised based on condition, each of them meeting working quality, with the majority of our clocks being high-quality and extremely well preserved. 

At vintage clocks you can find the following clock styles

Cuckoo Clock, Tall Case Clock, Pendulum Clock, Wall Clocks, French Clocks, Fusee Clocks, Grandmother Clocks, Grandfather Clocks, Mantle Clocks and Carriage Clocks

We offer worldwide shipping on all of our items, including our longcase clock collection and large wall clock pieces. 

Grandfather Clocks For Sale

Our wide range of antique clocks include the most popular and sought after longcase clocks, known for their large size, the traditional grandfather & grandmother clocks are a big hit with clock collectors. Their design vary from clock display, chimes & faces. 

The most expensive grandfather clocks are valued based upon materials used such as oak & mahogany, alongside their age and condition. 

What Is The Average Cost of A Grandfather Clock?

Due to their size, a grandfather & grandmother clock are generally the most expensive clocks to buy. They begin at an average of £200 and can range upwards towards £15,000 depending on the rarity, design, clockmaker and age. 


Mantel Clocks For Sale 

Mantel & Carriage Clocks are extremely similar, often most buyers are unsure which is which. There are a wide variety of mantel clock styles, whether you’re a fan of an arched mantel clock – which is traditionally set in a wood casing, with a smaller clock face. 

Or you take to unique styles such as marble, slate & stone mantel clocks. Explore our unique and extensive range here:

How do Mantel Clocks Work?

Mantel clocks are wound by using a clock key, which is inserted into a hole near the dial. Most traditional mantel clocks are mechanical in movement, and therefore will require winding every seven days. 

Antique Wall Clocks For Sale 

Wall Clocks are such a popular design, you can find a variety of styles such as a traditional American wall clock, a digital wall clock or even a French hanging wall clock. Most antique collectors will have their very own collection of wall clocks due to the sheer range in styling, colours & clockmakers that offer outstanding pieces. 

What Antique Wall Clocks Are Most Valuable 

The most valuable wall clocks, are often the most sought-after pieces. For this reason, German & French Wall Clocks between the 18th – 19th Century often can be seen to be the most expensive or valuable wall clocks during auctions. 

Bracket Clocks For Sale

Bracket clocks are much like carriage & mantel clocks. They are the perfect clock for sitting upon your mantelpiece, or office area, just as mantel clocks are, the bracket clocks are mechanical clocks. The main difference between a traditional bracket / mantel clock is the age. An 8-day Bracket clock is significantly older than the standard French carriage clock or mantel clock

They were made with the aim of being hung up, although this wasn’t always the case, as many homeowners preferred having the clock in an easy to reach area. This is why we have clocks known as ‘wall bracket clocks’

What is the country of origin of the bracket clock?

Made in the 17th and 18th century, it’s unclear where the bracket clock originated, due to a mass amount of both German bracket clock styles and French bracket clock options, however it is clear that they were developed throughout Europe and were widely popular as portable pendulum clocks. 

However, the first documented bracket clock was created by Nicolas Delaunay, a popular French Watchmaker, in 1735



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