Wall Clock

Antique Wall Clocks

Wall clocks were first invented by a man named Christian Huygens in the Netherlands during 1656. However, as time went on, there were improvements and additional features added to the original design to make sure the clock ran smoothly. This would be features such as; increasing the length of the pendulum, making the swing shorter, adding the minute hand for more accurate time keeping etc. Wall clocks can be a bold statement piece in the home that can add class and sophistication.

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Where Is The Best Place For A Wall Clock?

There can be a noticeable difference if a wall clock is placed incorrectly in a house which most people don’t realise. The ideal place for a wall clock would be towards the East, North East or North of a wall.

How Do I Choose A Wall Clock?

Firstly, you should find a suitable location for the wall clock and consider the size proportions. Bigger clocks usually look nicer in more spacious rooms with limited furniture. Also, you should consider the theme of your room. If the majority of your furniture is made out of wood, then a wooden wall clock would probably be the best fit.

The Advantages Of Having A Wall Clock

  • Having an extra way of telling the time is always useful. They are not a necessity however, they can be incredibly useful if you have bad eyesight and can’t read the time on smaller clocks.
  • They provide a sophisticated and vintage affect to the home that no other piece of furniture can bring.
  • There are a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours in all wall clock designs, so you’ll always be spoilt for choice when choosing the right one for your home.
  • If you have an empty and bare looking wall, then this is such an easy way to brighten up the area and they are a unique alternative to hanging a mirror or painting.


How Long Does A Wall Clock Last?

Depending on the condition of the clock and the type of durable materials used to make the clock, a wall clock can last just over 20 years.