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A Guide To Identify An Antique Clock

How would you successfully identify an antique clock? The answer lies in its design, materials, and construction. If you don’t know much about clocks, then you might want to read through our article to get some basic information. Antique clocks are prized possessions. They add value to homes and businesses. In addition, they provide a […]

How To Identify Antique Vases: The Definitive Guide

When it comes to decorating your home, you can’t go wrong with vases. They’re affordable and come in an endless variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and materials. You can even find antique vases if you look hard enough. That said, not all vases are created equal. Some will serve the purpose for which you bought […]

how to decorate with antiques

How To Decorate With Antiques: An Easy Guide

Vintage pieces aren’t just for decorating your home; they can add value to any space. Whether you own a historic building or an old piece of furniture, you can use antique objects as décor to bring everything together and create a cohesive atmosphere. Antique furnishings are classic and have that “been there forever” feel to […]

how to clean antique wood: 4 easy ways

How To Clean Antique Wood: 4 Easy Ways

When it comes to keeping your antiques looking their best, you might not be aware of the germs and dirt that can quickly take their toll. Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to keep your antique wood furniture in tip-top shape. You don’t even need to go out and buy expensive cleaners […]

What is the difference between vintage and antique

What Is The Difference Between Vintage And Antique?

Many people can’t tell the difference between vintage and antique. These two terms are often used interchangeably but there is a difference between them. Vintage and antique are both types of collectable items that have an older history. They both refer to things that have been manufactured or created in the past, with older origins […]

Antique Doll

How To Identify Antique Dolls

Antique dolls have always been an incredibly popular choice for antique dealers & collectors, primarily due to their ever-increasing value & the vast range of doll variations & doll makers we see across the globe.  Identifying an antique doll can become challenging if you’re not sure what you should be looking for, being careful with […]

how to fix a broken clock spring

How To Fix A Broken Clock Spring

A broken clock is only as accurate as its spring. If you are dealing with a bad clock spring or a broken one, then the time will be off and you ideally want your clock in beat. Fortunately, fixing a broken clock spring is not that difficult. The good news is that broken clock springs […]

Best antique oak furniture for your home

The Best Antique Oak Furniture

Antique oak furniture is a wonderful addition to any home, and it’s also one of the most durable, longest-lasting types of furniture as well. This article will help you determine if oak antiques are right for your home, and if so, which pieces would be the best to purchase. You may think that all oak […]

10 Antiques & Collectable Clocks: The Most Rare Vintage Items

Antique and collectable clocks can sometimes be hard to pinpoint or identify. If a clock has been neglected over the years its value may not be as visible. For example, maybe you found an old cuckoo clock at a garage sale or an old longcase clock in a relatives house covered in dust. How do […]

The Best Antique Furniture Polish: What’s The Best Way To Clean Your Pieces?

If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance that you have an obsession with antiques and vintage pieces. Maybe it’s because you’re a history buff or maybe you’re just a nostalgic soul who loves to catch glimpses of a bygone era. Either way, the appeal of antiques is universal and they’re definitely worth preserving. […]