Carriage Clocks

There are many different style and choices when it comes to carriage clocks, whether you like English Carriage Clocks, French Carriage Clocks or American style carriage clocks. With each heritage of carriage clock comes a style and aesthetic, from Victorian carriage clock  to mechanical mantel clock, to summarise there are many styles of carriage clocks.

Whilst modern carriage clocks are still being made, it is the quality brass carriage clocks that date back to the 19th century that attract the eye of avid collectors and antique sources. Finding your perfect antique clock will be easy when you shop with Vintage Clocks.

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Showing 1–16 of 17 results

Carriage Clock

History of Antique Carriage Clocks 

Explore our wide range of beautiful antique carriage clock pieces, with decorative mantel clocks from the 18th century, 19th century and 20th century. Explore our quartz movements, with some of the finest designs including brass cased carriage clock pieces, English carriage clocks, Gilt brass carriage clock designs and French movement pieces.

At Vintage Clocks we consider ourselves to be experts in the average selling price of beautiful clocks, that’s why we carefully price our pieces considering all design details such as the decorative handle, the additional features, chime feature and casing.

How much are carriage clocks? 

Carriage clocks can typically vary in price, as with most antiques, a miniature carriage clock can cost anywhere between £30 – £2,000 depending on the decorative clock itself, how it is created and whether or not it had been produced by a famous horologist such as Howard miller, Seth Thomas, Waterbury clock co, En Welch and others.

However larger French carriage clocks are often difficult to find at the lowest prices, with the cost of the extravagant glass panels, polished edges and enamel porcelain panels, a typical beautiful clock such as the French carriage clocks can expect to go between £900-£30,000.

Who are the most famous clock and watch makers? 

Howard Miller is one of the most famous clock makers, known for creating fine carriage clock work, particularly when it comes to the design of the brass feet and the internal movement. Matthew Norman has also provided some incredible work when it comes to the design of latest century carriage clock movement.

Another successful brand includes Alfred Drocourt who focused on cleaner carriage clock designs.

How to repair carriage clocks? 

If your carriage clock has suddenly stopped working there could be a number of issues, maybe you’ve just been forgetting to wind your clock lately, remember that most (not all) French carriage clocks have an 8-day repeat meaning they’ll likely need to be wind every week.