Waterbury Carriage Clock
8-Day Striking Carriage Clock Feature Waterbury

8-Day Striking Carriage Clock Feature Waterbury


This is an extremely rare American made carriage clock, with perfect striking condition this is a truly remarkable piece which offers a unique take on the traditional carriage clock. It’s intricate Ormolu casing is rare in shape and style, whilst also still offering the turned carry handle and bevelled glass panels.

  • Dated from the 19th Century (1880’s)
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  • Produced by the Waterbury Clock Company
  • Extremely Rare Piece
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Waterbury Carriage Clock

The American Carriage Clock Design

This is a truly remarkable and individual piece, made in the USA, this carriage clock offers an immense design with floral toppers and intricate leg details. You can see in the closer images the intricate detail that goes into shaping the smaller flowers and leaves at the base of the carriage clock. Like it’s French relatives, the carriage clock is still made from gilt bronze Ormolu and also offers a carrier handle for it to be transported.

Measures 16cm high with handle up by 9cm wide & 9cm deep

The Waterbury Clock Company: History

The Waterbury clock company is well known for their uses of Ormolu & Gilt brass within their clock designs. They were a well-known clock company, who sadly no longer produce clocks, however antique dealers and collectors across the globe are familiar with their work. They began originally as a subsidiary company of Benedict &  Burnham, however whilst the company is known for producing a wide variety of popular clock styles and at one point was one of the leading Connecticut based American clock companies, they closed their doors in 1944.  One of the most famous products by the WCC (Waterbury Clock Company) was a mickey mouse wrist watch, which saved the company from bankruptcy and the effects of the great depression.

How Do You Identify An Antique Carriage Clock?

Most professionals can tell whether a clock is antique by examining its inner mechanisms and case. They might be stamped or labelled with a trademark or the name of the manufacturer in some cases. If you are trying to identify it on your own, clocks are usually labelled or stamped with a famous name or trademark.

How To Regulate A Carriage Clock?

In some cases, regulating a carriage clock requires a manual effort. You must be able to identify a hand setting arbour located near the centre of the back plate. Carefully place the winding key into the arbour and move the hands around with a gentle force to set it to the correct time. Make sure that as you move the hands, you let each hourly strike happen so as to avoid complications with the mechanism and avoid forcing the hands to move if they are stuck. You may then proceed to move the hands after you’ve struck the carriage clock.

Where Can I Buy An Antique Carriage Clock?

You may purchase good-condition vintage carriage clocks in our store Vintage Clocks. We sell French, Glit brass, English, and Oak carriage clocks from the 19th and 20th centuries. We carefully calculate our prices based on the clock’s chime, casing, and decorative handles, in addition to other features.