Mantel Clock

Find your favourite vintage mantel clock online with Vintage Clocks. We stock a wide variety of alternative styles and makes of classic Mantel Clocks, from French Mantel Clocks to German Mantel Clocks and even some popular American Mantel Clocks.

Whether it’s a brass Mantel Clock or an oak antique, find your perfect clock here.

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Showing 81–96 of 148 results

Mantel Clock Antique

Called the Mantel Clock for where it should be placed in a home, finding the best antique Mantel clock doesn’t need to be difficult, in fact there are many different styles, shapes, materials and finishes that can create a completely unique look and feel to your Mantel Clock.

One of the biggest differences in styles are from the different regions, whether you’re looking for a classic American Mantel Clock or the very popular French Mantel Clock.


How to adjust chimes on Mantel Clock?

If your chime is slightly off then gently moving your mantel clocks hands clockwise to the next hourly chime is the easiest way of adjusting the chime and getting your clock back to it’s regular routine.

If your hourly chime is incorrect and you require to readjust the timing of your clock, move the minute hands until your clock reaches the right hour, once it strikes the hour count the chimes against the time to ensure the right amount is chimed.

How Much is an Antique Mantel Clock Worth?

Have you stumbled upon a family heirloom? Maybe you just picked up a cute antique clock from a car-boot sale and want to know its value. If you want some help on how to value an antique, take a look at our guide.

Some quick tips include

  1. Check for engravings (check the base, the face and the side). This can be anything such as a signature or date – this gives help to the examiner or auctioneer when estimating age & origin.
  2. Condition – The better the condition the better the value, however, all pieces must be original, and may not have been replaced with newer pieces.

Oak Mantel Clock

Oak furniture pieces are highly sought after, especially within antiques, why not decorate your classic living room with an Oak mantel clock which showcases tradition and history in the centre of your home.

What Were Old Mantel Clocks Made Of?

Typically, older mantel clocks were usually made out of oak, cherry wood or porcelain. However, some of the mantel clocks that were made in America had included brass or iron in the design.