Mantel Glass Clock
Glass Carriage Mantel Clock – Miniature Bracket

Glass Carriage Mantel Clock – Miniature Bracket


The mahogany and glass carriage clock is a rare find. It has been taken care of very well over the years, it is an early example of an individual clock design company Rob Jones & Sons, based in Liverpool, England. The 4 glass panels offer a unique design concept, with the metallic and dark black roman numeral face, the clock offers an individual twist on French Carriage Clocks. Still remaining in it’s original finish, believed to be dated to the early 1900’s.

  • Early Rob Jones & Sons piece.
  • Original movement & finish
  • English made, French inspired.
  • 19cm x 15cm
  • Condition: Very Good


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Glass Mantel Clock

You can’t go wrong with a Carriage Clock in your home. Originally designed and made in the 1900s, this mahogany & glass carriage clock offers a unique design, with its clean mechanisms contained and on display throughout the open glass door. With its classic styling and rich mahogany finish, this carriage clock will add elegance to any room in your house.

Looking at this popular glass carriage clock in further detail, we can see the face of the clock which offers large bold roman numeral time display, sitting upon a metallic base. By further examination of the face we can tell, whilst this clock is inspired by French carriage clocks, in their style and display, it was created in Liverpool and signed by Rob Jones & Sons.

Whilst the clock makers are not as well known as others, they have produced many similar clocks which offer 4 panel glass designs, accompanied by the finest mahogany, with wonderful grain to the wood which offers a clean almost polished -like finish.  The wood has aged beautifully, and the dial shows signs of wear but is still in good condition, like most great antique furniture pieces. 

Set up and constructions are sent out with all clocks, Please note that all mechanical clocks require balancing and setting up on arrival all of our clocks work perfectly and there is no chance of damage through the postal system as we are expert packers and we use a high and delivery service


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