Rare French Clock 3
Rare French Carriage Clock With Sweeping Hands

Rare French Carriage Clock With Sweeping Hands


It’s the perfect addition to any collector’s collection. The clock is intricately detailed and has a unique take on the traditional style of this French carriage clock. This clock features a completely unique design, with unusual sweeping hand movements. Dating back to the 19th century, this mask-dial case offers an exquisite style that will be magnificent for all collectors.

  • 8 Day Carriage Clock
  • 19th Century (1890)
  • Arabic Numerals
  • Original Finish
  • Condition: Very Good
  • 20cm x11cm
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  • 30 Days Returns
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This beautiful French Carriage Clock is a wonderful rare large architectural carriage clock with five bevelled glass panels. The case stands very well with corner bracket feet with turned Corinthian columns flanking the dial. This clock features chime and strike mechanisms, the hinged front bevelled glass panel for easy access to the pendulum and works perfectly.

Some of the most mentionable attributes to this rare clock is it’s ornate carry handle, used during the 19th century for those taking passing on the railways, the clock would accompany captains throughout their journeys. Whilst it’s unlikely that you should want to carry this clock around with you now in the modern day, it does make for a delightful addition and adds even more nostalgic value to this rare find.

The clock has bracket cornered feet, meaning it is entirely secure to stand freely, and because of this is in very good quality of working order. Making it one of the best antique furniture pieces to have at home.

The rarity of this particular clock stems from it’s inner face, with it’s 10cm deep dial and 8cm in diameter, the clocks face has an enamel & brass dial with popular Arabic numerals, upon examination of the face we can see intricate circular pattern surrounding the numbers, adding an additional touch of design, which was more uncommon during the 1800’s as carriage clocks were mainly designed for purpose of use at work rather than decoration.

The hands also signify that this carriage clock was like no other of it’s time, as it had the sweeping second hands, Sweep second hands will be added to the same mounted dial as the other hands, sharing the path with the others, it gives the exact second alongside the hours & minutes for more precise time reading. This is most commonly found in watches, such as quartz & Rolex, however some antique & vintage clocks will have sweep hands, although more rare to find than others.


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How To Decorate with Antiques

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