Carriage Clock Case
Solid Silver Miniature French Carriage Clock
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Solid Silver Miniature French Carriage Clock


This solid silver French carriage clock is the perfect accessory for any elegant home. The solid silver vintage clock comes with it’s  original casing from 1985 has been hallmarked for authenticity, making this a must-have item. You would typically find this clock as a tasteful, fashionable or decorous attribute to a dining area or living room.

This is one of our most sought-after carriage clocks, due to it’s miniature size and high quality look.

  • Circa 1980’s
  • 8 -Day clock with 5 bevelled glass panels
  • Accompanies by original outer casing, velvet interior and golden clasp
  • Miniature in size
  • Roman Numeral Design
  • 10cmx5cm
  • Condition: Great.
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Carriage Clock Case

Do you need a clock that will never stop ticking? If so, this is the one for you. This solid silver French carriage clock is perfect for anyone who wants to feel like royalty in their home. With its enamel dial and roman numerals, it’s sure to be an eye-catcher anywhere in your house! This antique style clock has been lovingly cared for throughout the years by its previous owners. The face contains an enamel dial with Roman numerals that have been maintained in excellent quality condition.

This Solid Silver French Carriage Clock is a timeless piece of art. The intricate design and the accompanying original casing from 1985, hallmarked for authenticity, make this a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will be sure to impress any onlooker.

Due to it’s small and compact size, this product has been sought after in the world of vintage clocks, as it’s not quite old enough to be considered an antique, it is dubbed a ‘classic vintage clock‘. Alongside it’s original velvet interior casing, we can see that this clock was created for Mistas, comes with it’s standard inverted stepped base, lever platform and measures 10cm high with handle up by 5cm wide & 5cm deep dial is 3.5cm in diameter.

When you order from Vintage Clocks, you will receive high quality products every time, we are sure to provide a detailed description of the condition of our working clocks, and will happily provide an online evaluation for you, we also provide expert advice on trying to determine an antique clocks value. Once you’re happy with your clock, we will package the timepiece properly, and arrange for delivery, we aim to delivery between 3-5 working days throughout the UK depending on the size of the clock. As this clock is miniature in size we will ship this normally, however when it come’s to classic larger vintage clocks we may require a more expensive shipping route.

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How To Sell An Antique

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How To Fix An Overwound Clock

Often, cleaning the clock can provide the simple yet effective solution. Removing the clock movement from the clock case, avoiding the springs getting wet and removing the plates are all simple steps. You may also use a clock oil pen to oil up the interior mechanism. If not, you may use a small paintbrush to dab oil into the sides. After cleaning and oiling, you may still see no effect, this may be because the springs may require replacement. This may be risky to do yourself, so seek the assistance of a professional who can do this for you. You can take your clock to the local antique store or local antique repair shop to get it repaired.