Vintage Bedside Clock
Silver Plate Bedside Carriage Clock by HAC

Silver Plate Bedside Carriage Clock by HAC


This captivating, small silver clock is a classic collectible piece. Made by HAC (Hamburg American Clock Company), which is a well known German clock making company, founded in 1883. This clock is in a good condition for it’s age, dated in 1910, showing slight signs of aging toward the bottom of the piece.

  • Rare Item
  • Original movement & finish
  • German Made Clock
  • 10cm x 6cm
  • Condition: OK
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Vintage Bedside Clock

The Design

This small, exquisite Silver Plate Carriage Clock would look amazing on a bedside table or a small table in a dining area/ living room next to photos and ornaments. Unique features that stand out on this clock are; an enamelled dial that is marked with the crossed swords for HAC, a carry handle with an arched top,  Arabic numerals and a 4cm diameter dial. The silver and metallic design enable this to match with any type of furniture. The clock face also has a subtle yet pretty design, where in between the numbers there are small floral patterns.

Crafted with love and care, this clock is made with Silver-plate, a material that is made up of many metals and then finished off with a thin coating of silver, the base metal being brass, which is recognised for being an extremely durable and strong metal. It is also very defensive against any rust or corrosion that may destroy the authentic design.

Measures 10cm high with handle up by 6cm wide & 4.5cm deep

The History

Made in the early 1900s, this clock is in truly remarkable condition for its age. It was also said that this clock was forged by Germans.

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